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Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On – 5 Troubleshooting Steps for a Broken AC

If your air conditioning system won’t turn on, it’s essential that you troubleshoot a few key things before calling a HVAC technician. This can save you time as well as money. There can be a severe problem with you air conditioner if it is not turning on, but usually, when your air conditioner won’t turn on, 70 percent of the chances are that you can solve the issue yourself.  Well-reputed companies of HVAC in Goose Creek, SC, provide customer service that can help you troubleshoot and resolve minor issues on your own. However, keep in mind that follow the exact steps that are being guided to you to get the perfect result.

Step 1: Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On – Check Your Thermostat

A thermostat is a very important part of a HVAC system. If your air conditioner won’t turn on, it is probably because the thermostat does not have enough power or is not set to cool. Most families complain about their new air conditioners not supplying enough cool air, but, eventually, the reason they find out is the wrong configuration of the thermostat. 

Set the thermostat to cool, and ensure it is set lower than the current room temperature, should be three degrees lesser, so the AC can provide enough cooling to make the home environment comfortable.

If the thermostat works on battery, make sure the batteries are new. If not, you may have to replace them. Otherwise, you would not know the actual cause.

Step 2: Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On?  Check Your AC Air Filter

Now that you have checked the configuration of your thermostat is all set, you need to check the air filter of your air conditioner. You would be thinking why making an air filter such a big deal; all it does is restrain the dust from getting inside the AC.

Well, you are right to some extent… While the filter’s job is to keep the dust away, sometimes, it gets too clogged that the cool air coming from coil that is supposed to pass through the filter cannot pass anymore. Thus the coil keeps getting colder in the same place, freezing the area, which turns off the air conditioner.

All you need to do is clean the air filter of your AC every while so the air conditioner can breathe. It would be much better for the efficiency of the AC if you replace the filter every three months. Doing that will increase the life of you system.

Step 3: My AC Unit Won’t Turn On – Check Your Circuit Breakers

Your air conditioner won’t turn on if your circuit breaker has, somehow, tripped. Why would your breaker trip?

Well, a circuit breaker is designed to save your heavy appliances from exploding or burning.


Many people experience a power surge at some point. There are two reasons: first, when you turn on multiple heavy-amp devices at the same time; second, when the main supply of a house receives power of more than 200 amperes. If you experience one of these, you would be lucky if your circuit breaker trips; otherwise, it blows high powered appliances.

So you need to check your main supply panel if your circuit breaker has tripped. If you see it switched off, switch it back on. In case you find it turned on already, switch the breaker off and wait a few seconds before you can turn it back on again. Now try the air conditioner if it will turn on.

Make sure to reset the circuit breaker only ONCE! If it keeps tripping, beware! Call a Goose Creek heating and air conditioning company to reach you ASAP. There could be a severe problem, leading to cause electrical fire.

Step 4: Air Conditioner Isn’t Working – Check Your AC Drain Pan

You might have seen a drain pan underneath your AC. This pan collects the remaining liquid waste that your air conditioning system is not able to drain out because the drains are sometimes clogged. If the air conditioner’s drain pan gets full, it triggers the float switch that is made to control the liquid from rising above a specific level, so it does not flood in your home, causing the AC to turn off. Your AC won’t turn on if the drains are not cleared out and the float switch is not turned down again.

Typically, HVAC experts use compressed air to clean any type of clogged drains during their servicing. You know they may use high-end tools. However, you do not need to worry about that. It is a small drain and can be cleared out with a heavy blow. If you have a blower that you can use, that would be perfect. The goal is to clear out the drain by any means.

Step 5: AC Won’t Turn On – Check the AC Shutoff Switch

The last yet not the least solution we could think of, by our experiences, is to look for the AC shutoff switch. It may sound silly, but there have been many instances where people request to check why their air conditioner won’t turn on, and when the HVAC technician visits, he finds the AC switch turned off.

Many people do not even know about the switch because it is rarely used, People keep it on throughout the year. So if nobody knows then who does? Who could have possibly turned off the switch?

Believe it or not there are many things in your home your little kids know more than you. They explore… My little girl just yesterday found my watch under the heater. I’m glad it has not melted.

So go check the light switch somewhere around your air conditioner and turn it on and try the AC again.

We hope the above mentioned solutions worked for you. If still your AC won’t turn on, reach out to a HVAC technician to resolve your issue.

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