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What should I bring for the paddleboarding lesson?
You may need to take your Costco paddle board. Other than that, you’ll be provided almost all the necessary gears to start off with your initial lessons. The best way is to contact the institution and ask about all the queries related to paddle boarding.

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Which board is suitable to start with?
You should know that Inflatable paddle board vs solid would be the most two types of paddle boards you’d see people talk about over the internet. Well, these are the ones people start thinking of when they start with their first paddle board sessions. The truth is you can start with any of the board, and you can still do a perfect job. Condition is that you work hard while you’re practicing. Just for the answer, most beginners are given inflatable paddle boards over solid because they’re are softer and easier to stand on.

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What happens if their is inclement weather?
Generally, you’ll be given all the details related to when will there be offs from paddleboarding. Most trainers would take a day off if there’s heavy lightning or severe wind conditions. Otherwise, the paddling lesson will continue.

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